Driver Coaching & Instructing

Kristin Treager Instructing & CoachingKristin Treager has been instructing novice and experienced drivers for over a decade. Treager began her instructing career at her home track, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, working with novice High Speed Touring (HST) drivers. In the HST Driver Education program, Kristin lead classroom instruction, rode right seat (instructing drivers on track), as well as drove student vehicles to demonstrate the car’s potential.

Since 2013, Kristin has been a regular instructor with Xtreme Xperience (XX), the “super car driving experience.” At XX Events Kristin is the “on demand” instructor for the Porsche GT3 due to her years of competitive experience in GT3 Cup Cars. In 2015, Kristin was hired by the Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) in Birmingham, Alabama at the school’s home track, Barber Motorsports Park. At PSDS, Kristin coaches drivers on and off track, including: autocross, skid pad, and braking exercises. Recently, Treager joined the Jaguar instructing team, traveling the country to instruct for the Jaguar – The Art of Performance Tour .

Treager has been praised for her instructing style, communication skills, and ability to connect with all driving enthusiasts. If you would like to hire Kristin for private or group coaching please send inquiries to: